Rhea Capital seeks both venture- and buy-out investments; however the venture companies should be close to, or in, a commercialization phase. A typical venture company of interest would be a company that has developed unique products or services but are lacking competence and/or capital in order to develop the company. Within buy-out we seek companies with a long operational history. Typical examples for an investment in a mature company could be:
  • Expansion (national/international growth
  • Family business with new generation takeover
  • Consolidation (E.g. creation of chain store concept)
  • Interesting companies with good assets but with temporarily credit issues.
Rhea wants to contribute to increase growth by cooperating with management and the owners in the companies we invest in. We believe this is a key issue for success and thus to the best for stakeholders. We clearly see an advantage in that the founder(s) maintain a relatively large ownership in the companies we invest in, thus we do not have to own the majority of the shares in a company. However, we do demand to have a saying through a board position and/or through a shareholders' agreement.

We create partnership with the management and the companies we invest in and build relations based on integrity and trust. We want to be a value adding resource and advisor for the companies in order to secure solid financial performance.

The management and owners of a company should have a clear interest and passion for generating prosperity and development. In addition, they should also have the ability to create enthusiasm and positivity among employees, and customers.

We have a medium term perspective on our investments but we have focus on long term value creation to the best for investors, employees, customers, and the potential buyer of the companies.

Investment criteria
Sector/Geographical location:
  • Rhea can invest in all sectors and geographical locations, however preferably we invest in the western part of Norway (Vestlandet). Only exceptional we invest abroad, and then the investment should have a clear Norwegian basis through ownership or founders.
  • It is a requirement that the people in Rhea, or someone in Rheas network, have the qualifying competence within the area/industry we invest in. Our network is however quite large and thus there are many sectors that Rhea has a clear and unique competence through shareholders, cooperators or our Board of Directors.
  • Late venture (proven market, proven technology) and buy out investments.
Investment horizon:
  • 3-7 years - Exit strategy required
  • Strong leadership and unique competence
  • Unique products or services (if venture)
  • Growth potential
  • No need for majority ownership, but we demand influence by a board position and/or a shareholders agreement