14/3/14 New Rhea web-site

The Rhea Capital Group has today launched a new web-site

with updated information and improved interface.

06/02/14 French yard building surveillance trimaran

Text by Dag Pike published in Maritime Journal 06.02.2014

This new design is being built by CMN under a major contract that includes three of these offshore patrol vessels, three conventional 32m patrol boats and a series of 24 fishing vessels of 32m in length that the shipyard is building for the African country of Mozambique. Based on a design developed by British naval architect Nigel Irens this new 43m long design offers very good fuel economy and an extended range to undertake both coastal and ocean monitoring and surveillance.

Called the Ocean Eagle, the new trimaran design will be powered by four Scania diesels, with each one producing 405kW. These will be coupled in the standard Servogear manner with one aft and one forward into a connecting gearbox that will drive the shaft. Twin Servogear controllable pitch propellers will provide the propulsion.

It is this propulsion system that contributes to the exceptional economy of the vessel. It allows the vessel to operate on just two of the four diesels, allowing a 3,000 mile range at 18 knots. With all four engines coupled in the speed rises to a maximum of 30 knots. Operating at 12 knots, the range is 5,000 miles. CMN compares the efficiency of the Ocean Eagle to a standard monohull offshore patrol vessel of similar size by saying that the Eagle can operate for 238 miles on one tonne of fuel whilst the monohull would only cover 50 miles on the same amount.

Reference: French yard building surveillance trimaran


Siem WIS has performed a test with the PCD 5000 system for Chevron with a non rotating drill pipe protector (NRDPP)
Siem WIS has performed a test with the PCD 5000 system for Chevron with a non rotating drill pipe protector (NRDPP), delivered by WWT International, installed on the drill pipe. The protector is used to reduce casing wear during drilling but has, up to now, proved to be a challenge in MPD operations.

The test was run at the Siem WIS test facility on Sotra outside Bergen with Chevron and WWT representatives attending. The test was successful, with the PCD fully capable of sealing off the wellhead pressure. The PCD system once again proves to be a safe and reliable system in MPD /UBO operations. This time with a challenging protector installed on the drill pipe.

'Being able to run a protector like this through the PCD and sealing elements, and maintain well integrity, demonstrates the strength of the sealing solution in the PCD system' says Geir Ove Nordheim - CEO of Siem WIS