The Rhea Capital Group include two investment companies, Rhea Capital II AS and Rhea Capital III AS as well as Rhea Capital Management AS which conducts administrative tasks on behalf of the investing companies.

The Rhea Capital Group operates within the venture- and buy-out segment of the Private Equity market in Norway and abroad. The Rhea Capital Group shall conduct active ownership, have a long term investment horizon and, in our business, not involve in short term speculation.
  • Any investment is conditional of that the Rhea Capital Group (the investors, Board members, employees, and, in special circumstances, associated cooperating partners) has in-depth competence within the segment or industries we invest in.
  • The active ownership is conducted by that one or several persons with in-depth competence are dedicated to follow up the companies we invest in - preferably through Board participation. If an investment is done without representation in the Board of Directors, a plan of how to perform the active ownership shall be presented and understood by the Board of Directors in the Rhea Capital Group and also by the company we invest in.
The Rhea Capital Group shall promote and maintain high ethical values for our business, as well as act responsible, fair and honest.

This includes, among others:
  • The Rhea Capital Group shall not slander, defame or unfairly criticize competitors.
  • The Rhea Capital Group shall not accept capital in our investment companies that steams from unspecified sources or anonymous associations of capital.
  • The Rhea Capital Group shall act responsible towards the investors of our investment companies by, among others; give full information of the investment company's operational and financial condition.
  • The Rhea Capital Group shall conduct a filtration from our investment universe companies that them self, or through subsidiaries they control, produce weapons which, with normal usage, violate with fundamental humanitarian principles.
  • The Rhea Capital Group shall disqualify companies from the investment universe where there is, potentially, a not acceptable risk of contributing to:
    • Violations of human rights such as murder, torture, deprivation of liberty, forced labour, child labour, and other exploitation of children.
    • Serious violation of individuals rights in war or other conflict situations
    • Environmental damage
    • Corruption